For sale:

1. Machine for lacquering of aluminum foil KROENERT

Maximum width: 1200 mm
3 sections - 1 for primer lacquer and 2 for thermo lacquer
Maximum speed: 150 m / min
Drying of lacquer - contact heating
"The online measurement of the lacquer’s thickness
Maximum heating temperature - 200 ° C
Power: 3h380V, 270kW
Status: Working
Price negotiable




Here are answers to some questions connected with the machine:

-thickness range of Alufoil utilised – 20 - 40

-coating technology of the primer : gravure, flexo, reverse roll - reverse roll

-primer is solvent based ? - yes

-the two coaters for thermolaquer are for one side on top of primer? yes

-technology of hot melt coater - no

-heating system by thermo-oil is included ? - no

-the electric cabinet, motors, etc have been renovated few years ago

- the price - For the price we are willing to negotiate.

- a in-house  coating production instead to buy a finished product ( I presume that you are using the line

 to convert neck Alu-foil into ready for lids ) yes

-I need to know if you are using the line to coat the Alu-foil by primer for printing yes


Roga Express 1500 (new)






Du Pont Cyrel Microflex




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